Welcome to Ashley Nicole Lubbert's anencephalic story. Our entire story from start to finish is here for you to read.  It is a little longer story than most on the internet, but I encourage you to finish the whole thing for the following reasons:

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2) If you know someone who is going through having a baby diagnosed as anencephalic, there are many, many clues in our story about what they might need or not need.  Our story will hopefully help you know how to comfort them and minister to them.

3) We feel that God has specifically called us to minister to you and others who are currently facing one of the most difficult periods in your lives with an anencephalic baby.  By reading our story with Ashley who was diagnosed with anencephaly, we can share with you the times that we know without a doubt that God was there with us and the times that we felt He wasn’t quite as close even though He was right next to us.

4) If you need to talk with someone, please feel free to call us or email us.  We are glad to answer any questions you might have from both of our perspectives.  You can reach us at 269-409-3610 or or viagra jet lag cure viagra pills girls women viagra how to use