The Next Appointment - Chapter 10

            A month past before we had our next appointment with our regular doctor.  We knew this would be a trying time so I went with Pam to her doctor’s appointment.  We got there and when the time for our appointment arrived, the doctor called us into his office.  He basically told us that this was not what he was expecting at all from the ultrasound.  He had expected good news instead of bad news.  He told us that he was willing to do either option for us.  He talked about the good and bad points of each option.  He really didn’t try to convince us about what to do one way or the other.  He wanted us to know that he was going to be there either way.  He was more than gracious, but yet he didn’t treat us like fragile dolls.

After explaining to him that we thought that God was telling us to do, he showed which way he leaned toward.  He told us that he thought we were doing the right thing.  Because he was a Christian himself, this was what he would have chosen had it been himself making the decision.  It totally amazed us that he could be so open about it.  We had read lots of online stories about how doctors tried to convince their patients that they should terminate the pregnancy.  Dr. Carroll didn’t push us at all although in the end, he did admit to making the same choice.  He treated us like we were regular people and there was nothing out of the ordinary wrong.  Yet at the same time, we knew that he was very concerned about us.

He went on to discuss the basics of delivery and that there really not any problems with delivering anencephalic infants. There were just a few things that needed to be watched.  There would also be some tests that they wouldn’t have to perform, but other than that, it was just like a regular pregnancy.  We also wondered if he would need to deliver in Kalamazoo or if he was comfortable delivering here there in Watervliet.  Without any hesitation, he said that he was perfectly comfortable delivering our little one here in town. 

Insurance requirements was another concern that we ask him about.  Would the insurance not cover the delivery because we had not terminated the pregnancy?  Dr. Carroll assured us that to the insurance company, it was just another pregnancy.  They would have no problems with either of the choices we were given.  God blessed us in letting us have him as a doctor. 
He had been a missionary doctor in Africa and was very acquainted with anencephalic babies.  He had delivered a lot of them in Africa and was already well acquainted with what they looked like.  He was just so good.  This was just another of God’s insights and care of us through this strenuous situation.

The nurses there were also very caring, almost as if they knew what was going on.  I am not sure if they did or not, but it definitely made a difference as you will see later in our story.

Lessons Learned

  • If your baby will be born without a brain, here are a couple lessons for you
    • If you decide to delivery the baby, be sure to ask your OB doctor if they are familiar with anencephalic babies and have delivered them in the past.
    • Be sure to check with your insurance, but it should not make any difference to your insurance company whether you have an abortion or carry your baby to term.
  • If you know someone who has an anencephalic fetus, please help them work through the financial and procedural aspects, but only when they are ready.  Be sure to give them time.
  • Scripture Promise: “See, I am sending an angel before you to protect you on your journey and lead you safely to the place I have prepared for you. Pay close attention to him, and obey his instructions. Do not rebel against him, for he is my representative, and he will not forgive your rebellion. But if you are careful to obey him, following all my instructions, then I will be an enemy to your enemies, and I will oppose those who oppose you.” Exodus 23:20-22