Our Visitors - Chapter 20

We had quite a few visitors that Friday.  All of my brothers and sisters came up to visit us for which we were really thankful.  My mother-in-law, also was there as much as she possibly could be.

We did call the lady who had led our birthing class, to let her know that we were in the hospital.  I think that she wanted to come up after the baby was born though so that she could see the baby.

The Pastor from our church came up to see us and what a blessing it was.  He didn’t try and talk a lot to us.  He just sat there rocking in the rocking chair.  He calmly let us know that he supported us and wanted us to know that he cared.  He stayed for several hours and finally decided to leave when the nurse said it was time for birth.

Lessons Learned

  • If your baby will be born with anencephaly, please allow your friends and family to come and see you in hospital as much as possible.  They are dealing with this situation as well and they need to grapple with it as well.  Looking back you will appreciate it as well.
  • If your close family or friend is having a baby that is anencephalic, please go and visit them when they are in the hospital.  Even though it is extremely hard, you need to be there for yourself, and for them.
  • Scripture Promise: Casting all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you. I Peter 5:7