The Angel - Chapter 22

One of our visitors was another angel from God.  The pastor that married us came to the hospital to be with us.  His name was Ken Wilson.  He was just there for us.  Everyone was starting to go home, and we came upon a problem that we didn’t know how to solve.  Pam and I talked it over.  How were we going to keep Ashley close yet get some sleep?  We didn’t want to leave her for even one second in case she started to not breathe. We had no idea how long she would last and we wanted to be there for her.  How were we going to do that?  Would one of us get some sleep and the other keep watch?  We were both just so exhausted, we had no idea what to do.  My mother-in-law, who was the closest person in proximity to the hospital, had to go back home so that she could take care of her dog.  That just left Pam and I and Pastor Wilson.  In my mind, I wondered if Pastor Wilson was going to leave.  It was already approximately 1:30 in the morning by the time everyone left.  He just stayed and sat in the rocker at the bottom of Pam’s bed.  I don’t know how he knew that we needed help, because we certainly didn’t tell him.  I don’t even know how the subject came up.  Yet, somehow he communicated to us that he was staying.  Wow! What a huge load off our minds.  Now we could get some sleep. Yet, how did he know that we needed someone.  We hadn’t told him.  Was it possibly God that let him know?  He told us that he was going to stay until morning so that we could get some sleep.  Had he been in a situation like this before?  Yet he had to teach school the very next day.  He selfless giving was just another instance that God was taking care of us.

Lessons Learned

  • If you will have an anencephalic birth, please know that God will send you your own angel of mercy that will meet your needs.  He knows exactly what you need.
  • If your close family or friend will have a baby with anencephaly, be their angel.  Listen to what God is telling you even through it might be at a substantial cost to yourself.
  • Bible Promise: For the angel of the Lord is a guard; he surrounds and defends all who fear him. Psalms 34:7